Playwork Professional Development Programme 2015/16

Study day Cost
Start date Thursday 17th September 2015 PGCert, PGDip and MA in Professional Studies in Children’s Play

 This postgraduate programme is aimed specifically at professionals, from diverse contexts, who are currently working in a professional capacity to support children’s play.


£2270 PGCert

£4540 PGDip

£6895 MA

Friday 18th September 2015 Perspectives on Play

This study day will explore the ways in which diverse disciplines have sought to explain the nature and value of play and how these inform adult beliefs and practices. It will playfully introduce the significant contribution made by Brian Sutton-Smith in revealing the ideological roots of play studies and question ‘what if’ we move beyond these traditional accounts – what more might an interdisciplinary perspective offer for thinking differently about play, childhood and development?

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Friday 25th September 2015 Play Cultures and Children’s Communities

This study day will explore the relationship between play and children’s cultures and consider the ways in which children create and recreate their own peer culture through play. It will introduce disciplinary perspectives on ‘culture’, a range of contrasting perspectives on play and socialisation and explore the influence of materials, symbols, space and wider social constructions on children’s play.

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Saturday 26th September 2016 Therapeutic Playwork

This study day revisits key aspects of the Therapeutic Playwork approach. It considers the theoretical underpinnings of psycholudics and draws upon analytical and transpersonal psychology. It will focus on the application of Therapeutic Playwork techniques and on understanding the self in the play space.

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Thursday 21st January 2016 The Brain at Play

This study day looks at diverse disciplines (including cognitive, affective and social neuroscience, evolutionary development psychology, ecological psychology and play theory) to explore the reciprocal relationship between play and brain development.

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Thursday 21st January 2016 Perspectives on Playwork

This study day introduces the Manchester Circles as a framework for thinking about how playworkers can create conditions that support children’s play. The day focuses on Circles 3 and 4: the organisational framework and the wider context. It considers the principles, paradigms and paradoxes in adult provision for children’s play that can be seen in national policies and in the history of playwork before moving on to explore the relationship between organisational policies and procedures and practice that can support rather than constrain children’s play.

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Friday 22rd January 2016 Creative Accounting: playful rhythms, relationships and response-abilities

This is the University of Gloucestershire’s 7th annual professional development event for the play and playwork sector. Building on the success of our previous events this professional development day offers a series of presentations that explore diverse contexts in which adults, children and young people co-create ways of getting on and going on together. Presentations will be made by graduating Play and Playwork students, research active practitioners and staff.

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Saturday 23rd January 2016 Play and Space

This study day introduces a critical appreciation of the relationship between play and space. Drawing on contemporary concepts from philosophy, biology, psychology, human geography and the social studies of childhood the day examines the production of space through the complex and dynamic encounters and interplay between human and non-human materials and symbols.

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2 thoughts on “Playwork Professional Development Programme 2015/16

  1. Hello, I notice the The Brain At Play and Perspectives On Playwork are on the same day. Do the coerces overlap or could I attend them both, also in answering that question, what times to both courses run? Thank you, Jamie.


    1. Hi Jamie
      The courses do overlap from a time point of view so you would not be able to attend them both. Both days run from 9.30am to 4.30pm at Oxstalls Campus in Gloucester. GL2 9HW. Hope to see you at one of them!


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