Recent Publications


MacLean, M., Russell, W. and Ryall, E. (eds) (2015) Philosophical Perspectives on Play. London: Routledge.

Ryall, E., Russell, W. and MacLean, M. (eds) (2013) The Philosophy of Play. London: Routledge.

Russell, W., Handscomb, B. and Fitzpatrick, J. (eds) (2007) Playwork Voices: In Celebration of Bob Hughes and Gordon Sturrock. London: London Centre for Playwork Education and Training.

Articles, chapters and reports

Lester, S (2015) Post-human Nature: Life beyond the natural playground, in M. MacLean, W. Russell and E. Ryall (eds) Philosophical Perspectives on Play, London: Routledge.

Lester, S (in press) Children’s Right to Play: From the margins to the middle, in M. Ruck, M. Peterson-Badali and M. Freeman (eds) Handbook of Children’s Right: Global and Multidisciplinary Perspectives, New York: Taylor and Francis.

Russell, W. (2015) Entangled in the midst of it: a diffractive expression of an ethics for playwork, in M. MacLean, W. Russell and E. Ryall (eds) Philosophical Perspectives on Play, London: Routledge.

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Lester, S. (2014) Play as protest: clandestine moments of disturbance and hope, in C. Burke and K. Jones (eds) Education, Childhood and Anarchism: Talking Colin Ward, London: Routledge.

Lester, S. and Russell, W. (2014) Turning the World Upside Down: Playing as the deliberate creation of uncertaintyChildren, 1(2): 241-260.

Lester, S., Fitzpatrick, J., & Russell, W. (2014) Co-creating an Adventure Playground (CAP): Reading playwork stories, practices and artefacts, Gloucester: University of Gloucestershire

Lester, S. and Russell, W. (2014) Towards Securing Sufficient Play Opportunities: A short study into the preparation undertaken for the commencement of the second part of the Welsh Government’s Play Sufficiency Duty to secure sufficient play opportunities, Cardiff: Play Wales.

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Smith, H. (2014) Prospects for participatory research on well-being with playwork practitioners and children at play, Journal of Playwork Practice, 1(1): 90-95.

De Rossi, P., Matthews, N., MacLean, M., & Smith, H. (2013) Building a repertoire: Exploring the role of active play in improving physical literacy in children, Revista Universitaria de la Educacion Fiscia y el Deporte, No 5.

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Lester, S. and Russell, W. (2013) Leopard Skin Wellies, a Top Hat and a Vacuum Cleaner Hose: An analysis of Wales’ Play Sufficiency Assessment duty.

Russell, W. (2013) The Dialectics of Playwork: A conceptual and ethnographic study of playwork using Cultural Historical Activity Theory. PhD Thesis, Gloucester: University of Gloucestershire

Russell, W. (2013) Towards a spatial theory of playwork: What can Lefebvre offer as a response to playwork’s inherent contradictions? in E. Ryall, W. Russell and M. MacLean (eds) The Philosophy of Play, London: Routledge.

Lester, S. (2012) ‘We are just playing’, Shopping Hour, Issue 8: 16-21.

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Lester, S. and Russell, W. (2010) Children’s Right to Play: An examination of the importance of play on the lives of children worldwide. Working Paper No. 57. The Hague, The Netherlands: Bernard van Leer Foundation.

Russell, W., Adams, C. and Young, A. (2011) Challenging Behaviour: Reframing, a playwork response, in R. Scott and A. Mills (eds) Everybody’s Business! A practical resource for including disabled children in play, childcare and leisure settings, London: KIDS.

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Smith, H. (2007) Playwork Partnerships: Wild and away – the National Environmental Playwork Conference in Roberts C & Roberts J (2007) Greener by Degree: Exploring sustainablility through the higher education curriculum Cheltenham: University of Gloucestershire

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