International Play Association

Contacts: Wendy Russell & Stuart Lester

The University of Gloucestershire was invited to bid for and was successful in winning the contract with the International Play Association to write a Working Paper (approx 22,000 words) on the importance of play.

The paper set out to demonstrate the importance of play in child health, well-being and development. The audience for the paper was international, including all partners, researchers and decision makers who might be undervaluing the importance of play for the children’s well-being. The purpose of the paper was to raise awareness and understanding of the importance of article 31 within the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, in support of the overall goal of a General Comment on article 31. To draw attention to the need for such a General Comment, IPA organised a series of global consultations on children’s right to play.

The finished paper was published in December 2010 and was distributed internationally by the Bernard van Leer Foundation and IPA in English and Spanish. To view the paper click here.

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