Thinking About Play

Project Lead: Stuart Lester – Senior Lecturer in Play and Paywork, University of Gloucestershire

Project outline

‘Thinking about Play’ (TaP) is a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programme based on an original idea developed in collaboration between Playwork London and the play and playwork team at the University of Gloucestershire. It also draws on experiences of working with 2 groups of after-school club providers in the North West operating in a variety of different settings, and with different levels of experience, around the theme of ‘quality’ in playwork practice.

This report examines the most recent iteration of the programme in which the University of Gloucestershire, in partnership with two regional play organisations (Play Work North West and Playwork London) have piloted a revised programme with three groups of experienced playwork practitioners in the NW, SW and London regions.

The intention of TaP is to build a collaborative partnership between practitioners and academics to address contemporary issues faced by the playwork sector and to reaffirm, refine and enhance repertoires of practice. It adopts an experimental and performative approach to consider how the very practice of playwork forms the basis for innovation and new insights. The aim of this interim report is to establish the context for the programme and briefly outline significant issues that have emerged from the pilot workshops and implications for future developments.

To view the evaluation report, click here.

Contact details
For further information on this project, please contact Stuart Lester:

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